WOW das hätten wir nicht gedacht! Seit einem Jahr existiert unser Exile Server nun schon. Für dieses Jubiläum haben wir uns was für euch überlegt. Wir werden unseren alten Server Provider verlassen und uns einen neuen suchen.

Hello Guys,
We reworked the Sideras Trader a few days ago. So what's new on this trader? Its now possible to buy ships and submarines for your operation!

Summer Update


Finally the summer break is finished and we have some new things for the Black Lotos Exile Server.

A New Donating Package is here. With this one you can Paint your Vehicles with over 40 skins. This skins are of course for the Base Painting available too



Finally the donating features are now available!

Over the top


Finally we are at the moment the biggest/ best Exile Server in Germany (according to Battlemetrics).



We are going to look forward to activate the donating for our players.
At the moment we are in the approved-phase from bohemia.

Server Wipe


We are going to wipe the server at the 20.04.2018 at 21:00 (CEST)
We added startup money (200k Pop tabs) and new rules.

New Website


We are creating a new website for a better communication with you. We will updating our Information about Changes on the Server, donations and events.